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Content Warnings

Content warnings for books 1-14 of the Sea Sand Warlords series are currently listed in the front of the books. If that changes they will be listed here.

Alien God Content Warnings

Explicit sexual scenes between a human woman and alien hero, knotting, mentions of pregnancy and fertility, prisoner/captive situation, abduction/imprisonment by the hero, injuries, violence, madness, death and near-death situations, being nearly buried alive in snow, death by stabbing, deaths of parents, grief, guilt, shame.
Berserker God Content Warnings
Berserker God contains subject matter including the following: abduction of the heroine both by villains and the hero; graphic sexual scenes between a monster/alien and a human woman; double penetration (both vaginal and anal penetration); knotting, heat, and rutting; violence, blood, and gore; severed limbs/amputation; infection; illness; battle scenes; captivity; death of an older sister from leukemia; deaths of parents and friends; death of an older brother/villain in a graphically violent scene; religion; amnesia; insanity, berserker rage, and mate-madness; grief; guilt; pregnancy and related symptoms (nausea, vomiting, fatigue).
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