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Ursa Dax

SciFi Romance Author

There's only one creature in the entire universe capable of bringing a brutal alien warlord to his knees...

A human woman.

Just Published - Book 13!

Alien Storm Ebook.jpg


Find NSFW paintings and illustrations of the characters from my books, as well as sneak peeks at chapters before they're released, on my Patreon page. Click the button below!

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Ursa Dax is obsessed with big, brutal, brooding aliens. But despite her love for them, she also believes that her warrior heroes need to be kept on their toes - and brought to their knees. And if there's anyone who can keep a massive alien hero in check, it's a feisty human woman from across the universe.


Ursa got her MA in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto in 2017 and has been writing novels ever since. She lives in Canada with her ever-supportive husband and their two cats. If you want to stay up to date with her writing and get early sneak peeks at what she's working on, make sure to subscribe to her newsletter at

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